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Changing the industry one tattoo at a time, slick and quirky tattoo studio based in Willenhall and close by to Birmingham, Walsall & Wolverhampton in the West Midlands.

Fink Tattoo is conveniently located near Wolverhampton, making it a go-to spot for tattoo lovers from the area. We’re proud to attract clients from Wolverhampton and beyond, thanks to our reputation for top-notch tattoos, cleanliness, and excellent customer service. Whether you’re nearby or coming from a bit further away, you’ll find our studio welcoming and our work worth the trip.

Fink Tattoo is easily accessible for those in Birmingham, attracting tattoo enthusiasts from the city and its surroundings. Known for our exceptional tattoos, strict hygiene standards, and outstanding customer care, we draw clients from Birmingham looking for quality and creativity. If you’re in Birmingham or the surrounding areas, our studio is your destination for a premium tattoo experience that’s just a short journey away.

Fink Tattoo enjoys a convenient location for visitors from Walsall, making it a preferred choice for individuals seeking superior tattoos. Renowned for our artistic excellence, impeccable hygiene practices, and dedicated customer service, we welcome a steady stream of clients from Walsall and beyond. Whether you’re from Walsall or nearby, our studio promises a welcoming atmosphere and a memorable tattooing experience worth the trip.

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Fink Tattoo is ideally situated for guests coming from Willenhall, establishing itself as a top destination for those in search of outstanding tattoo artistry. Our studio is celebrated for its high-quality work, commitment to cleanliness, and exceptional client care, attracting patrons from Willenhall and the surrounding areas. If you’re based in Willenhall or its vicinity, you’ll find our welcoming studio and the remarkable tattoo experience we offer well worth the short journey.